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Rihanna to start clothing line

Well it’s about time…

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the super-fly islandista is set to launch her own clothing line. It has been hinted at for a while, but she confirmed it three days ago in an interview with WWD at the Gucci show, during Milan Fashion Week.

(photo credit: Wire Image)

Rihanna is set to follow in the footsteps of fellow pop star Gwen Stefani and launch her own clothing range. The Disturbia singer, who is a frequent front-row guest at runway shows, has confirmed she is working on her own designs. The sexy star has already dabbled in the accessories industry – she put her name to a range of umbrellas earlier this year (08) to coincide with her international hit of the same name. She tells fashion publication WWD, “I can’t say when it will be released, but it’s definitely going to happen. I’m not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time.” Earlier this year (08), Rihanna hinted she was pondering a fashion line, saying, “There might be a clothing line on the horizon, maybe underwear.” The star has also previously teamed up with retail chain H+M to design a range of casualwear as part of the Fashion Against Aids campaign.

We say ‘about time’ because though there are many, many, many, good-lord-too-many celebs who have their own clothing lines, there are very few who actually have an actually interesting and individual sense of style. Rihanna is one of the few. Gwen Stefani is another.

We would actually like to see a clothing line from Rihanna because we think it would definitely have its own identity, unlike so many of these celeb design labels.

In other news, let’s welcome back Spanish-Caribbean islandista Jenny from the block. After giving birth to twins earlier this year, J.Lo was back to her fiercest at the Dolce and Gabban show in a lawdamercy white dress by the designers.

Dammit man. That is not even fair. To the gym we go…

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From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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