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Notes on the BET Awards 08 – Mellow yellow

The colour on the red carpet at last night’s BET Awards 2008 was definitely yellow – the perfect colour for summer and a big trend for Summer 08.

It’s actually my favourite colour choice out of the neon brights that are so in for this season.  Hence I’ve been pouncing on cute yellow items whenever I get the chance – already snagged a gorgeous strappy yellow sundress and a thin sweater top. Plus, yellow just pops against dark skin.

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Islandista Rihanna looked gorgeous in her tiered, frill-edged long yellow dress. Even though Rihanna is pretty light-skinned and yellow can sometimes be dodgy for people that are well … kinda yella, it still worked well for her, especially because it was offset by the darker makeup. Also, it was a paler, kind of lemony yellow rather than a strong, sharp yellow which might have played up the yellow tones in her skin.

Since she’s so young, the brightness of the dress and the tiers prevented her from looking too old which can be the downfall of a lot of young starlets trying to look sophisticated at formal occasions. Bright yellow is just a lovely young looking colour that made the long dress more age-appropriate for a hot young thang like Ri-Ri.

Rapper Trina and singer Keyshia Cole also wore beautiful lemony yellow dresses. Keyshia and Trina carried the summery theme to its hilt with short, flirty dresses. This is probably one of the nicest looks I have ever seen on Trina – for once she does not look too fussy or overdone (aside from the big ole over-curly weave but let us be positive). The simplicity of the dress is really heartening and with such a lovely colour who needs to be too fancy?

Keyshia’s bubble dress meanwhile was accented with a great contrasting black sash. Paired with her new jet-black hair it was very sharp – nice Keyshia!

More notes on the BET Awards later…

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