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An attractive female politician – the horror!

Just what is people’s problem anyhow?

Why is it that whenever a female politician shows any hint of femininity it is jumped upon and savaged? Meanwhile, no-one gives a shit about what male politicians look like.

Wandering through the net this morning, I unfortunately ended up on the site of the British tabloid, the Daily Mail. I knew I should have just clicked that red box with the ‘X’ in the top left hand corner and gone smartly about my business but it’s like crack or reality tv – you know it’s rotting your mind but it’s so engrossing…in a shallow way.

Soon I saw why I should have just looked away. I stumbled across this ridiculous piece by some blithering right-wing fool called Quentin Letts, where he was having a go at the British Housing Minister Caroline Flint because…well because she’s attractive.

A sample of his odious thinking:

Should Housing Minister Caroline Flint ever lose her Cabinet job – an event not outside the realm of possibility – she should become a catwalk model for the “ageing glam” fashion world.

Ms Flint, 46 going on 23, has one of Westminster’s most preening egos.

Consider how many vain peacocks we have in Parliament and you will realise that’s quite something.

But wait! There’s more!

Sure enough, whenever she’s marching up Downing Street and the photographers shout their greetings she will wobble that head from side to side like a supermodel. But not even Naomi Campbell is this ruthless.

Lest we don’t believe him, he immediately follows up with a clear example of her sheer and utter ruthlessness.

  In recent months she has kitted herself out in a variety of vivid-coloured tops, ranging from this week’s olive green to a yellow, boxy-shouldered creation which positively shimmers alongside her remarkably black barnet.

That…bitch! How dare she wear bright colours? What the hell is she thinking – having a sense of style?


(photo credit: The Daily Mail)

It is actually a bit laughable actually. He sounds a bit like a sullen little boy who, annoyed that the object of his affection has not responded to his overtures, is now resorting to pulling her hair.

Were that this attitude was only reserved for the UK. But we have all heard similar sentiments about female politicians – either they are frumpy and mannish and not stylish enough and ‘really need to do something with themselves’ or they are too stylish and hence either objects of derision for their presumed shallowness or objects of barely-restrained, slightly pervy and voyeuristic lust.

Flint is being held up as an example of the former. As an example of the latter – does anyone remember the reaction to US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice’s knee-high leather boots?

I swear, I could feel the drool…and other bodily secretions… coming off the pages and pages of newsprint that was dedicated to that fashion statement.

Personally, I think considering that is now established that women are outstripping men professionally, academically and financially, we can finally finish with this foolishness of trying to look like one of the guys to be taken seriously. It is just fine to look like a woman and embrace style and attractive cuts and colours because woman a run tings now more than ever and that trend is only set to continue. So the dictates of professional style should be set by and looked at from a feminine perspective.

I think Ms. Flint looks fly as hell. Get ’em girl! I am loving her colourful jackets and her shoes in particular – I would pull a paro move and tief those brown and black mary-jane platform heels right from under her nose. I bought a skirt just this week that those would go nicely with, thank you.

Time to forget the haters and realise that feminity and power can go together perfectly well.

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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